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English speaking IT SECURITY Officer Alpha Omega Energy Phnom Penh Job ID: #986179 Deadline: 26/06/2018

Level: Middle
Year of Exp.: 2
Hiring: 2
Salary: Negotiable
Sex: Female/Male
Age: 20~
Published Date: 2018-04-26
Term: Full-Time
Function: IT
Industry: Energy/Power/Water/Oil & Gas
Qaulification: Bachelor Degree
Language: English
Location: Phnom Penh
Deadline: 26/06/2018




  • Should be able to speak english very well as we have full english immersion environment.
  • Should be good at using a computer and very able to use spreadsheet to keep track of your work, daily reporting, making usable manuals and security reports as you go.
  • Need to be able to operate biometric devices, axcrypt, bitlocker, malware blockers, work with  limiting download programs on a network, monitoring network traffic and preventing hacking.
  • Mac address limitations, traffic sniffing and all possible countermeasures to protect and multi-secure data servers and internal information.
  • Regular scheduled securitry checks on all computers and devices, remote monitoring, ensuring company IT security procedures in full, and adding more to ensure fullest possible security. 
  • Innoculation of computers, scanning and analysis of threats and early-detection and counter measures to infection, etc.
  • Should have a portfolio of work available to show or be able to show concretely that you can do this work in english.
  • Salary $300-500 initially and can rise over time to $600 based on ability and performance after completing trial probationary period and strong results generated.
  • We can not provide training bu merely instruction for what needs to be added/completed.
  • We need initiative takers! Security is built up over time step by step.
  • Bonus program is very significant and can add several hundred a month to salary over the longer term for quality professional staff.


Interested candidates are invited to send their application to the below contact:

Name:  Alpha Omega Energy

Email:  jobsaomegaenergy@gmail.com

Alpha Omega Energy

AOE is a fast growing early stage company with many clients, a huge backlog of work, strong support and an even stronger future.

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