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Critical Thinking Coordinator University of Puthisastra Phnom Penh Job ID: #420263 Deadline: 31/07/2019

Level: Entry
Year of Exp.: 3
Hiring: 1
Salary: Negotiable
Sex: Female/Male
Age: 30
Published Date: 2019-07-08
Term: Full-Time
Function: Education/Training
Industry: Education
Qaulification: Master Degree
Language: English
Location: Phnom Penh
Deadline: 31/07/2019


·         Lead the development of the curriculum and course materials, working with the Head of English and Employability, the Teaching and Learning department, and the Research Department.  

·         Facilitate regular meeting with other course lecturers to ensure consistency in course content, activities, projects, etc. 

·         Be responsible for ensuring that assessment practices are consistent across all lecturers and meet expected outcomes of the course 

·         Familiarize new lecturers (to the course) with course objectives and curriculum, and existing lecturers to new teaching tools and methods 

·         Provide formal and informal guidance for course lecturers that need assistance with lesson preparation, finding resources, etc.  

·         Teach in the critical thinking skills program

·         Ensure sustainability by documenting and archiving course curriculum, materials, etc.  

·         Regularly liaise with the Head of English and Employability to ensure the smooth operation and progress of the course

·         Perform analysis of course, once per semester, that considers course outcomes and student needs 

·         Assist in recruitment of lecturers for this course, if needed

·         Undertake other responsibilities as needed


1.       Experience

·         Bachelor degree in any discipline

·         Coursework in sciences preferred

·         Master’s degree preferred

2.       Education:

·         2 years or more of teaching experience

·         Familiarity with critical thinking instruction preferred

3.       Skills/Competencies:

·         The ability to foster internal communication with faculty, staff, students, and others, and keep appreciation of the importance of building strong relationship with students and to improve significantly the learning environment at the university

·         Excellent oral and written communication skills in English.  Fluency in Khmer highly desired. 

·         Strong interpersonal skills

·         Strong organizational skills with high degree of drive and initiative and ability to work independently and as a team

·         Excellent critical thinking skills

·         Leadership skills

4.       Personal Qualities

·         Honesty

·         Integrity

·         A passion for education and enabling learning outside of a traditional classroom

·         Enthusiasm



Address: N°55,Sreet 180 & 184, Beoung Raing, Daun penh, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

HR Department

023 221 624 / 023 220 476



University of Puthisastra

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