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Emergency Medicine & Trauma Care / Incident Commander Manpower Recruitment Services Phnom Penh Job ID: #327396 Deadline: 27/11/2018

Level: Entry
Year of Exp.: 2yrs+
Hiring: 34
Salary: > $6000
Sex: Female/Male
Age: 19yrs+
Published Date: 2018-10-30
Term: Full-Time
Function: Medical/Health/Nursing
Industry: Electronics/Electrical/Mechanical Equipment
Qaulification: Bachelor Degree
Language: English
Location: Phnom Penh
Deadline: 27/11/2018


Job Summary:

Provide strategic leadership and coordination in overseeing the agency response in humanitarian assistance. Design and implement the Emergency Response Team’s (ERT) strategy for building agency capacity for enhanced emergency preparedness and response

Job Responsibilities:

1.     Supervise the ERT staff by approving annual performance plans and completing performance appraisals; support their professional development with collaborative identification and prioritization of job related learning opportunities; and, conduct regular meetings to provide support, guide work, monitor progress and solve problems.

2.     Works with other PQSD units to assure coordination and collaboration among staff on strategies, innovation and implementation.

3.     Manage the provision of technical assistance and training by ERT staff. Technical assistance can include but is not limited to: proposal reviews, deploying ERT staff to country programs for technical assistance visits, leading strategic planning and overall management of emergency responses for major emergencies when several ERT staff are needed for the emergency start up and training support (see 5).

4.     Keep the agency abreast of emerging humanitarian assistance issues such as protection, international principles and humanitarian law, the role of the military in humanitarian affairs. Liaise with the CRS Policy & Advocacy Department.

5.     Oversee the development, maintenance and implementation of programming guidelines for CRS emergency program areas in collaboration with other PQSD Technical Advisors. Guidelines should ensure quality standards for emergency programming, cross-cutting themes (e.g. justice, gender, partnerships, food security, M&E, peacebuilding) and general program management (e.g. institutional strengthening, participatory methods). These guidelines will be articulated in the form of papers and manuals.

6.     Serve as a central point person for the CRS Emergency Corps (EC), a multi-year agency-wide training program designed to build the technical capacity of select staff around the world. Assist regions in the design and management of the EC training program. Facilitate training sessions as appropriate.

7.     Represent CRS at humanitarian assistance conferences and fora; network with Caritas Internationalis, donors, UN agencies, and NGOs. In particular, represent CRS as the primary liaison with The Sphere Project.

8.     Develop and maintain knowledge and learning management systems for CRS emergency preparedness and response. In collaboration with other ERT staff and the HR Learning Technologist, oversee the development of interactive tools to assist CRS staff to understand and use the manuals and guidelines produced by the ERT.


9.     Lead the annual review and the annual planning process for the team. Manage the budget, prepare annual budgets and manage ERT expenditures.


Professionalism | Integrity | Cultural sensitivity


• Employment Type: Full Time


• Language: English


• Location: International (All OPEC & NON-OPEC Members Countries)


• Salary: $3450USD - $9000USD

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