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Finance Manager GL FINANCE Plc Phnom Penh Job ID: #92560 Deadline: 20/02/2018

Level: Middle
Year of Exp.: ~
Hiring: 1
Salary: Negotiable
Sex: Female/Male
Age: ~
Published Date: 2018-01-27
Term: Full-Time
Function: Finance
Industry: Banking & Finance
Qaulification: Bachelor Degree
Language: English-- Good
Location: Phnom Penh
Deadline: 20/02/2018


- Work closely under Chief Executive Officer.
- Providing and interpreting financial information.
- Monitoring and interpreting cash flows and predicting future trends.
- Researching and reporting on factors influencing business performance.
- Developing financial management mechanisms that minimize financial risk.
- Conducting reviews and evaluations for cost-reduction opportunities.
- Managing the company's financial accounting, monitoring and reporting systems.
- Liaising with auditors to ensure annual monitoring is carried out.
- Make tax declaration and accounting related work.
- Ensure transactions are properly recorded timely.
- Control and maintain good organized financial files and records.
- Record all transactions following accounting standard.
- Prepare payment for company transaction and requesting reimbursement and staff salary.
- Prepare financial statements for Chief Executive Officer to specific deadlines.
- Keeping abreast of changes in financial regulations and legislation.


- Take full responsibility of the entire claims process
- Ensure claims payments are in accordance with the claims management guidelines of the company
- Conduct quality checks on cases processed by the staff
- Investigate validity of claim requests
- Conduct workshops and training to the staff to improve and enhance their knowledge and skills in claims processing
- Ensure effective communication with agencies and customers
- Maintain all claims documentation
- Prepare daily; weekly; Monthly; Yearly; Executive Committee & Board of Meeting Report.
- Review and recommend changes to the claims process and any associated documents/forms
- Undertake other duties as required by CEO
- Cooperation with all the managements of GL Finance Plc in order to improve the performance of the Company as well as the Group.




GL Finance Plc. (GLF) began its commercial activities in Cambodia in May 2012, being the first step of the regional expansion plan. GLF is the first financial company for motorcycle and agricultural machinery licensed by the National Bank of Cambodia.

GLF has teamed up with Honda NCX to provide financial services to all local Honda customers. Based on this partnership, GLF can support the purchase of brand­new motorcycles from its commercial desk in each official Honda retailer. With presence in 150 outlets, covering of the countries’ provinces, GLF will soon expand to the rest of the country.

The Parent company of GL Finance is Group Lease Holding Pte. Ltd. (GLH) in Singapore and the whose also owned Group Lease PCL with more than 20 years’ experience in leasing motorcycles in Thailand, Bangkok­based Group Lease Public Company Limited has set a long­term business plan to become a leading finance company in the Southeast Asian region. GLF has been the first financial leasing company to be licensed by the National Bank of Cambodia. Thanks to the flexibility provided by financial leasing, GLF believes it can provide the easiest, quickest and most secured solution for every Cambodian to be able to own brand new equipment. The principal activity of the Company is to carry out finance leasing business and any other forms of financing operation permitted by the NBC.

With more than 700 employees, GLF plans to hire more employees to increase his business and continue his development in Cambodia.

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