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Cartoonist / Artist Alpha Omega Energy Phnom Penh Job ID: #668554 Deadline: 28/07/2018

Level: Entry
Year of Exp.: 2
Hiring: 2
Salary: Negotiable
Sex: Female/Male
Age: 20~
Published Date: 2018-05-28
Term: Full-Time
Function: IT
Industry: Energy/Power/Water/Oil & Gas
Qaulification: Bachelor Degree
Language: English
Location: Phnom Penh
Deadline: 28/07/2018





  • Drawing out educational political satire cartoons and other works

  • Artist renderings of concept technology for marketing purposes, Electric vehicle concepts, etc


  • Your artistic skill and ability to take instructions and put it all together to fit the images wanted

  • Patience to re-customize and edit how it’s wanted, again and again and again until near perfection desired

  • Willingness to use your ability to draw the mind’s eye of another’s vision


AOE is a 3 year old well developed startup with diversified business lines including:

  • Fuel Cell Power Supplier (current)

  • Solar Orphanage Program (current)

  • Financial Platform (current)

  • Data Center processing digital currency transactions (profitable)

  • Digital Currency (current, profitable)

  • Investment Trading (current, profitable)

  • Electric Airplanes and VTOL aircraft (near construction)

  • Satellites (developing)



  • AOE is seeking a local artist instead of posting on global gig websites, so that we can contribute to Cambodian employment and artists. Since it is part time remote work, we can offer a large number of jobs/pieces to be done.

  • In addition to your interest to help save the planet and Change The World, contributing to the wonderful AOE mission will also return:

  • AOECOIN.io digital currency contributions which is expected to rise in value significantly in the future

  • Letters of contribution and reference in detail for all your work and supports.

  • Recognition and ability to use the contribution on a CV or other employment opportunities

  • Possible collaborations in business in the future

  • Possible employment with AOE post scaling raise

  • Possibilities for some rising value share grants in one or more of our business lines for contributors that generate significant results, work their tails off, or hit it out of the park.


Interested candidates are invited to send their application to the below contact:

Name:      Alpha Omega Energy

Email:      ctw@aomegaenergy.com

Address:  Phnom Penh

Website:  AOECOIN.io

Alpha Omega Energy

AOE is a fast growing early stage company with many clients, a huge backlog of work, strong support and an even stronger future.

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