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Volunteer Foreign Contributor Alpha Omega Energy Phnom Penh Job ID: #746364 Deadline: 01/01/1970

Level: Entry
Year of Exp.: 1
Hiring: 2
Salary: Negotiable
Sex: Female/Male
Age: 20~
Published Date: 2018-05-28
Term: Full-Time
Function: Others
Industry: Energy/Power/Water/Oil & Gas
Qaulification: Bachelor Degree
Language: English
Location: Phnom Penh
Deadline: 01/01/1970



  • AOE is a 3 year old well developed startup with diversified business lines including:
  • Fuel Cell Power Supplier (current)

  • Solar Orphanage Program (current)

  • Financial Platform (current)

  • Data Center processing digital currency transactions (profitable)

  • Digital Currency (current, profitable)

  • Investment Trading (current, profitable)

  • Electric Airplanes and VTOL aircraft (near construction)

  • Satellites (developing)

  • Possible collaborations in business in the future

  • Possible employment with AOE post scaling raise

  • Possibilities for some rising value share grants in one or more of our business lines for contributors that generate significant results, work their tails off, or hit it out of the park


  • AOE is open to Foreign in Cambodia Contributors on a volunteer basis that Believe in Changing the World through commercialization of Breakthrough New Energy Technology. AOE has 2,032 All New Techs and is undoubtedly the #1 New Energy Innovation Startup in the World.

  • We would like to open the door to Foreigners volunteering with our mission to donate some of your skills to this crucial to the planet mission and all of humanity’s future development success that will come from it.

  • AOE could use skilled contributors in: Programming, Electrical Design, Commercial Lending, Green Bonds and Green Finance, Online Marketing, Video Creation, Investment Sales, Networking, Investment Sales Support, Commercial Finance, Article Writing and Blogging and promotion on Social Medias, Client services for investment promotion and technical support, Fundraising contacts to social organizations and Impact Investors around the world, contacting global media, database building/entry, and many more.

  • AOE is very near to investment raise completion as we are very mature as a startup and already quite near to both end stage profitability and scale investment raise either of which will graduate us from the startup class.


  • Willingness to help a sustainable for-profit scalable social enterprise which is built on a foundation of generally Christian values and representative of values and progressive healthy community and company culture which is consistent with the very high level of Christian behavioral and ethical standards.

  • Values of philanthropy over the values of business wheeling and dealing to make a profit

  • Values strongly supportive and defensive of the Small Private Innovator and their Intellectual Property rights, credit, protections, and the massive financial-inclusion challenges they still face.

  • Passion for the AOE Change The World Charge Mission of Right Priorities First Powering the Undeveloped Peaceful Nations First with the Clean Energy Blood kind of person.

  • Good communication skills and ability to work with other team members are necessary

  • Impeccable levels of Honesty, Integrity, and values that are stiffly Anti-Corruption in all their human forms.

  • Zero acceptance for “Sustainable Corruption” like what is done by Dev-Orgs pretending to support Climate Change and anti-poverty and small business initiatives but then totally refusing to support nor invest in nor organize any investment nor support ever to the Small Private Innovators and their thousands of Breakthrough energy solutions already existing over the last 140 years.

  • Passion for Orphans (we are solaring 300+ orphanages)

  • Basic knowledge can help a lot, of the complete, total, and vast difference between very rich bosses or very rich asset buyers, and the quite opposite passive stock investors.


  • AOE is not paying a set salary for foreigners in this position but has decided to nonetheless open up this opportunity for foreign contributors. AOE does plan on giving bonuses in our digital currency AOECOIN.io to all those who contribute. AOE is set to be staffed by Cambodian local workers and undeveloped nation workers not by high income nation workers. We are seeking local Cambodian staff for salaried positions according to the Cambodian market situation. We hope you can have understanding

  • In addition to your interest to help save the planet and Change The World, contributing to the wonderful AOE mission will also return:

  • AOECOIN.io digital currency which is expected to rise in value significantly in the future

  • Letters of contribution and reference in detail for all your work and supports.

  • Recognition and ability to use the contribution on a CV or other employment opportunities


  • Interested candidates are invited to send their application to the below contact:

    Name:       Alpha Omega Energy

    Email:       ctw@aomegaenergy.com

    Address:   Phnom Penh

    Website:   AOECOIN.io

Alpha Omega Energy

AOE is a fast growing early stage company with many clients, a huge backlog of work, strong support and an even stronger future.

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