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php developer Advertcheckout Ltd Siem Reap Job ID: #969721 Deadline: 30/06/2018

Level: Middle
Year of Exp.: 3
Hiring: 5
Salary: Negotiable
Sex: Female/Male
Age: 22
Published Date: 2018-05-13
Term: Full-Time
Function: IT
Industry: Accounting/Audit/Tax Services
Qaulification: Association Degree
Language: english
Location: Siem Reap
Deadline: 30/06/2018


Developers  Full -Stack   PHP Excellent Opportunity

An exciting opportunity has arisen for a Back-End PHP Developer to join a rapidly growing business. You will be part of a busy, talented Digital Team, working on many business critical applications. There is also a great opportunity for you to shape the position and make it your own. At present, they have a strong team of Front End Developers so you will be responsible for back end PHP development. The team is rapidly growing and we expect the role will progress very quickly



Role requirements:

Experience with PHP and Laraveland other key systems

Experience with packages and frameworks

Laravel, Open Source Frameworks

Ability to research and evaluate new technologies

Attention to detail, performance and optimization

Other Skills/Attributes

An understanding of, and keen interest in current trends and advancements on the web

Enjoy a fast-paced, dynamic, challenging and team-oriented work environment

Self-motivated and able to multi-task, achieve deadlines and work independently

Good communication and team working skills

Excellent technical problem-solving skills

A track record of striving for continual personal and professional improvement

Ability to articulate your ideas to colleagues effectively and to take on board the ideas of others

Ability to take initiative and be productive and efficient


-Salary +Commission Payments:

-Salary $200-$900+ Bonuses

-Yearly  Bonus   +  Share Rewards  Upon Targets being Met

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