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MING HOUR GROUP Co.,LTD. Phnom Penh ០៧០ ៣២២ ៣៨០/ ០៧០ ៧០៦ ១៧៥

Company Sammary
Company Name: MING HOUR GROUP Co.,LTD.
Industry Type: Real Estate
Sector: Private
Current Location: Phnom Penh
E-mail: info@minghourgroup.com
Tel: ០៧០ ៣២២ ៣៨០/ ០៧០ ៧០៦ ១៧៥
Website: http://www.minghourgroup.com
Current Addresss: អគារលេខ០៩ ផ្លូវលេខ១៦៣ សង្កាត់អូឡាំពិក ខណ្ឌចំការមន រាជធានីភ្នំពេញ (ខាងត្បូងវត្តមហាមន្រ្តី១០០ម ជាប់សកលវិទ្យាល័យធនធានមនុស្ស)

About Us

MING HOUR Group (MHG) has grown rapidly from 2011 to nowadays because MHG is focusing on providing convenient, comfortable, healthy, and hygiene services to clients in Cambodia. MHG serves the client’s satisfaction through MING HOUR Sport Club, MING HOUR Futsal Club, MING HOUR Home Services and MING HOUR Consultancy. Due to the Business growth, MHG is urgently recruiting a numbers of qualified candidates to fulfil the below posts:

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