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Chamroeun KH Development Co., Ltd Phnom Penh 096 8818096, 012 838085

Company Sammary
Company Name: Chamroeun KH Development Co., Ltd
Industry Type: Engineering
Sector: Private
Current Location: Phnom Penh
E-mail: chanveasna.ros@gmail.com
Tel: 096 8818096, 012 838085
Website: http://www.ckd.com.kh
Current Addresss: លេខ #1540 ផ្លូវ Hanoi សង្កាត់ ឃ្មួញ ខណ្ឌ សែនសុខ រាជធានីភ្នំពេញ

About Us

Chamroeun KH Development Co., Ltd. is quickly becoming the go-to contracting firm for Cambodia’s construction needs. From elegant and sophisticated home designs to the most technical civil engineering projects; our design and construction experts ensure the highest quality for every customer across every sector of the construction industry.

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