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Posim Petroluem Marketing Sdn Bhd Phnom Penh 603-51022999

Company Sammary
Company Name: Posim Petroluem Marketing Sdn Bhd
Industry Type: Energy/Power/Water/Oil & Gas
Sector: Private
Current Location: Phnom Penh
E-mail: cheahks@posim.com.my
Tel: 603-51022999
Website: www.lion.com.my
Current Addresss: Russian Federation Blvd. (110), Phnom Penh, Cambodia

About Us

THE LION GROUP was established in the 1930s and today, has operations in Malaysia, China, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Cambodia, Myanmar, USA and Mexico. It is involved in the retail, property development, mining, steel, agriculture and computer sectors. Since 1992, the Group has ventured into China with operations in the retail and property businesses.

The Group has three companies listed on Bursa Malaysia with two in Singapore and one in Hong Kong. It has an annual group turnover of approximately RM 15.76 billion (US$ 3.67 billion) and provides employment for more than 17,500 people.

The Group’s investment in the retailing industry is through its chain of 114 Parkson department stores in Malaysia, China, Vietnam, Indonesia and Myanmar.

The Group is also involved in the trading of building materials, petroleum-based products and automotive components. It blends and distributes automotive and industrial lubricants under the Hi-Rev and T-Trax brands, and distributes various motor accessories under the Posim Group of Companies.

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