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SOUTH EAST ASIA TELECOM (Cambodia) CO.,LTD 东南亚电信(柬埔寨)有限公司 Phnom Penh 018 970 2201

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Company Name: SOUTH EAST ASIA TELECOM (Cambodia) CO.,LTD 东南亚电信(柬埔寨)有限公司
Industry Type: Telecommunication
Sector: Private
Current Location: Phnom Penh
E-mail: hr@seatelgroup.com
Tel: 018 970 2201
Website: http://www.seatelgroup.com
Current Addresss: #149, St 432, Village 5, Sangkat Boeung Trabek, Khan Charmkamorn, Phnom Penh

About Us

South East Asia Telecom Group Ltd (SEATEL Group) was established in 2014 in Singapore as a mobile telecom and ISP investor in ASEAN region. South East Asia Telecom (Cambodia) Co, Ltd (SEATEL Cambodia), founded in 2014, the subsidiary of SEATELGroup in Cambodia, is a comprehensive telecommunication operator whose business includes mobile telecommunication and Internet services. SEATEL Cambodia has the related operating licenses from the royal government of Cambodia, such as licenses of mobile communications (including 4G LTE), ISP, wireless fixed-line, VOIP and others, and this subsidiary has begun its nationwide 4G FDD LTE mobile telecommunication network construction and planned to start the operation in the first half of 2015. The company implements thoroughly the strategy of the mobile Internet, and devotes itself to mobile voice, data, IP telephony, broadband Internet access, multimedia and other integrated services. SEATEL Group will strive to present to the market the most advanced technologies, the full range of applications and the best-performed networks, as well as to provide with diversified, multi-level, all-round and customized information service to the people of ASEAN region.
东南亚电信集团有限公司(简称SEATEL Group),2014年成立于新加坡,是一家移动通信与互联网服务投资公司。其下属的东南亚电信(柬埔寨)有限公司 (SEATEL Cambodia)是一家综合性通信运营商,业务涵盖移动通信与互联网服务。东南亚电信(柬埔寨)有限公司已获得柬埔寨王国政府颁发的运营牌照,其中包括:移动通信(含4GLTE)、ISP、无线固话、VOIP等,并已启动了4G FDD LTE全国移动通信网络建设,2015年上半年投入运营。公司全面实施移动互联网战略,主要经营移动话音、数据、IP电话、宽带互联网接入和多媒体等综合业务服务,公司力求将最先进的技术、最丰富的应用、最精品的网络呈现给市场,为东南亚人民提供多元化、多层次、全方位、个性化的信息服务。

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